Oh why hello there crippling self doubt, not-so-glad to see youre back again

I really want to dye all my hair a dark blue color…but if i did im 99% sure i would get fired from at least one of my jobs

  • me: *wakes up*
  • me: wheres my phone
  • me: *rips off blankets*
  • me: *hears loud thud*
  • me: there it is


this wasn’t supposed to happen D:


most private thing im willing to admit: im not good at estimating how much pasta is enough for one person 

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W O U L D   Y O U   K I N D L Y


I went to take a picture of a deer. It sneezed



This is an UNOPENED (it’s SEALED IN ITS ORIGINAL PACKAGING) Glamour Kill’s ALL TIME LOW exclusive vinyl with some signed posters of other bands.

Hello, I’m going to be holding a giveaway for my All Time Low Dirty Work LIMITED PRESSING PINK VINYL. Only 300 were pressed, and I own two of them. One I bought for myself and the other was a present, so why not pass on the gift?

Other Things:

- SIGNED Sleeping with Sirens poster

- SIGNED Pierce the Veil poster

- “We are GK” #2 magazine

- A bunch of AP magazines from the past year or so (not all of them are pictured)

- CDs (Motion City Soundtrack, Mayday Parade, P!ATD, MCR’s Greatest Hits)

- T-Shirts (MCR’s Killjoys Tour shirt, SWS tank top, ATL F#CK and Hot Topic anchor shirt, all size men’s medium)

- Stickers and stuff

This isn’t a follower giveaway because I have like 40 followers so you don’t have to be following me, I think that’s the dumbest reach to get followers ever. Likes and reblogs both count, so feel free to just like it and never return to it, or reblog it daily (annoy your own followers at your own risk). If you are following me, I’ll give you an extra 3 entries when this ends because that seems fair and I’ll throw in a few more SURPRISE things like candy and more CDs and merch from the above bands. (Also feel free to follow, I post band stuff, tattoos, hilarious puns, and occasionally cats).

Please no giveaway blogs!

This is going to end September 1st, 2014 and I’ll message the winner. If they don’t respond in 48 hours I’ll choose a new one! If there’s anything in this giveaway you don’t want let me know and I’ll pick a runner up. 

Most of these things are fun things that I don’t really have use for (even the signed posters I have duplicates of as they were promos from AP and I bought two with intention to give them as gifts anyways), I just really want this vinyl to go to someone who’ll enjoy it rather than have it sit, unplayed, with my other vinyls. (And signed posters are cool things to impress your friends with.)

good luck!


whenever i get low on money i start thinking really irrationally like what if i hadn’t spent that $10 back in 2004 


my question isn’t “why do people live in Gotham” my question is “why do people who live in Gotham habitually buy recreational drugs from a known serial killer who wears a potato sack over his face”